Nightwatch.js – how to automatically download the latest Selenium Server and Chromedriver for your operating system

When running Nightwatch.js browser automated tests against Chrome, you will need to download and run Selenium Standalone Server and a matching version of ChromeDriver for your operating system. One way to do this is to detect the operating system in the nightwatch.conf.js file and then point to an installed matching version of ChromeDriver for your operating system. […]

Using Selenium to Test Tumblr

Full code and additional information can be found in my github repository: Selenium Tumblr Test code I created some Java classes to test a modern website use-case. For this case, I used Tumblr. Tumblr is a simple, but dynamically updated website (i.e. page elements update, but the webpage doesn’t necessarily reload with each change). So […]

Updating Rally via Ruby

Below is a basic example for querying and updating Rally objects using Rally’s “rally_api” Ruby API. Changes you will need to make: – set your Rally username & password – project name & IDs. Set them to names/IDs that match yours – defect – use one of your defect numbers Rally’s “rally_api” can be found […]

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