Pretty printing Javascript objects as JSON

Sometimes when working with Javascript objects, it is useful to print the objects out as JSON strings and take a look at their values. Take the following simple Javascript object: If you print it out via console.log, it looks like this: This … [read more]

Using Selenium to Test Tumblr

Full code and additional information can be found in my github repository: Selenium Tumblr Test code I created some Java classes to test a modern website use-case. For this case, I used Tumblr. Tumblr is a simple, but dynamically updated … [read more]

Updating Rally via Ruby

Below is a basic example for querying and updating Rally objects using Rally’s “rally_api” Ruby API. Changes you will need to make:– set your Rally username & password– project name & IDs. Set them to names/IDs that match yours– defect … [read more]