Nightwatch.js – how to automatically download the latest Selenium Server and Chromedriver for your operating system

When running Nightwatch.js browser automated tests against Chrome,¬†you will need to download and run Selenium Standalone Server and a matching version of ChromeDriver for your operating system. One way to do this is to detect the operating system in the nightwatch.conf.js file and then point to an installed¬†matching version of ChromeDriver for your operating system. […]

Using Selenium to Test Tumblr

Full code and additional information can be found in my github repository: Selenium Tumblr Test code I created some Java classes to test a modern website use-case. For this case, I used Tumblr. Tumblr is a simple, but dynamically updated website (i.e. page elements update, but the webpage doesn’t necessarily reload with each change). So […]

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